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A HoneyBum is a sweet, badass young woman who is a hustler and a go getter. She is unstoppable in everything she does and inspires everyone around her. She's fun and creates the most desirable energy, no one can deny her presence. She is you, be a trend setter and show everyone what you really stand for through the fashion you wear.

We are based in West Hollywood and Los Angeles. Our mission is for people around the world to access affordable fashion, fast.


Show us what you got, gorgeous! We love to show case talented young women who project their confidence through fashion, women who inspire others like them to be confident in their body and what ever they choose to wear.

Want your picture to be featured on our site as a #HoneyBum? Email or Click here to learn more.

Our Mission to Drive Impact 

We recognize that fashion can have a negative impact on the environment and we want to ensure that we’re doing our part to contribute in a positive way. #savethebees initiative is very near and dear to us because bees are critical for pollinating cotton as well as many foods we eat. Without them our planet would not be able to survive. We have partnered up with Planet Bee, a non-profit organization to design, fund and execute programs to preserve and grow our existing Bee population - much of which has declined significantly over the last couple of years.

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